Hypnotherapy is a treatment modality used to help bring an individual to a relaxed yet heightened state of awareness. We view that many of our psychological, emotional, and perhaps even physical challenges in life are linked to memories of traumatic events and/or experiences. Thus, the general approach to treatment using hypnosis, for us, is to heal the inner mind, provide a healthier perspective to the subconscious in place of one that is no longer helpful (even harmful) now, releasing the attachments to the past while integrating lessons learned to the present (NOW).

This can be an immensely effective tool in treating numerous challenges. Numerous studies have shown that hypnotherapy (as a standalone treatment or as a complementary treatment) to be successful with treating issues such as sleep disorders; phobias, fears, and anxiety; depression; pain management; sexual dysfunctions; stress and anger management and so on. It has also been used successfully to help improve post-surgery healing and also in treatment of critical illnesses.

Regression therapy, therapeutic imagery treatment, inner child healing, and others are some of the many ways by which hypnosis may be used.

hypnotheraphy may be used in:

Regression Therapy
Therapeutic Imagery
Inner Child Healing
Stress Management
Smoking Cessation
Weight Management

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