Clinical Hypnotherapist & HRDF Trainer


Hau Shen is the founder of Mind Wellness Hub, a place for mind wellness and transformation. With a deep interest in psychology and human behavior, Hau Shen has devoted over a decade to acquiring skills, training, and exposure in the
healing industry.

Among his many accomplishments, Hau Shen is a Psychology graduate, an American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) Certified Hypnotherapist, a certified NLP Practitioner (AUNLP – American University of NLP), and has been trained in
Emotional Freedom Therapy (AAMET – Association of Advancement of Meridian Therapy Techniques).

Hau Shen believes that all our answers lie within our minds, and the pathway to those answers lie in our willingness to look within. And it is by taking care of the health of one’s mind that one can create a life of mastery, fulfillment, and authenticity. These core beliefs have enabled Hau Shen to empower his clients in transforming their lives, unleashing their own inner potential, and
resolving inner conflicts.

Hau Shen is proficient in English, Mandarin and Cantonese and is thus able to reach out to a wider audience. As a certified HRDF Trainer, Hau Shen provides
individual therapy sessions, as well as workshops, trainings, and seminars which include Self Hypnosis, Emotional Management, Stress Management, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, and other wellness programs.

Hau Shen has worked in an education setting, assuming the responsibilities as a head of department within the student affairs division of the university. This provided him the opportunity to work closely with passionate and highly spirited students and student leaders – inculcating in him a deep empathy and understanding of young adults and their specific issues and experiences.

Professional Membership

– HRDF Certified Trainer
– American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH)
– American University of NLP (AUNLP)
– Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioner Malaysia (AHPM)